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1859: George Pullman's first sleeping car, Chicago & Alton number 9, makes its first run from Bloomington, IL to Chicago.
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1919: Congress passes bill barring railroad strikes.
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1916: The Adamson Act, which establishes an eight hour work day for all railroad employees is implemented.
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1872: The New York Sun exposes Credit Mobilier Scandal. During the construction of the trans-continental railroad, Massachusetts Representative Oakes Ames and other directors of the Union Pacific, created a company called Credit Mobilier of America, which was used to award themselves, rich company contracts. To avoid congressional investigation, Ames distributed shares to other congressmen, Cabinet members and Vice-President Colfax. Ames is censured by the House of Representatives on 28 February 1873.
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1961: Bangor & Arrostook ends its railway passenger service.
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1869: First westbound train arrives in San Francisco.
Labor Day

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1975: Amfleet cars enter service on Amtrak.
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1883: President Chester Arthur is present for the opening of the first railroad to the Pacific Northwest, the Northern Pacific Railroad, at Gold Creek, Montana.
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1929: First air-conditioned Pullman cars go into service between Chicago and Los Angeles.
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1995: After 93 years of service, the Broadway Limited is discontinued.
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1950: Lima ships its last locomotive, a center cab diesel, to the Pennsylvania Railroad.
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1952: Compartmentalized freight cars developed by the Pullman Standard Car Company and the Western Pacific Railroad are placed in service between Chicago and San Francisco.
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1980: Amtrak's westbound Crescent is the last U.S. passenger train drawn by multiple E units.
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1891: New York Central's Empire State Express makes record run from New York City to Buffalo (436 miles) in 7 hours and 6 minutes.
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1922: Federal Judge James Wilkerson issues an injunction banning all strike activities against the railroads, breaking a nationwide strike by 400,000 railroad workers.
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1895: First Fast Mail train departs New York's Grand Central Station.
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1832: Seventeen months after it was formally opened, the first railroad in the Mississippi valley, the Pontchartrain RR, places its first steam engine, the Pontchartrain, into regular service.
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1937: Canadian speed record for a steam locomotive in Canada set at 112.5 MPH by a Montreal Locomotive Works Jubilee F2a class 4-4-4.
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1838: First patent for a railroad brake issued to Ephraim Morris of Bloomfield, NJ.
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1984: Singer, songwriter Steve Goodman, who composed the song City of New Orleans, dies in Seattle.
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1856: Illinois Central Railroad connects Chicago to Cairo. With 700 miles of track, the railroad is the longest in the country.
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1851: Charles Minot, Superintendent of the Erie RR, became the first railroad employee to use a telegraph in the movement of trains. His westbound train pulled into a siding at Turner (now called Harriman), New York, to allow an eastbound to pass. The eastbound train was late, so Minot went to the nearest telegraph office to find out where the train was; it hadn't yet reached Goshen, 13 miles west, so he wired ahead orders for that train to be held there for the meet. On returning to his own train, he ordered the engineer to move the train to Goshen, but the engineer refused to take such a risk, so Minot drove the train himself to Goshen where they met the errant eastbound.
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1874: First East Broad Top train runs.
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1869: Railroad speculators Jay Gould and Jim Fisk's attempt to corner the gold market fails
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1866: Pop safety valve patented by George W. Richardson of the Troy & Boston Railroad.
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1877: The Southern Pacific enters Arizona at Yuma, becoming the first railroad in the Territory.
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1864: Jesse James' gang surprise attack train: 150 killed.
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1956: C & O completes dieselization.
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Last steam-powered run on the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range.
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1877: The Southern Pacific enters Arizona at Yuma, becoming the first railroad in the Territory.
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