October 2015

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1861: Theodore Judah recommends Donner Pass route for the Central Pacific through the Sierra Nevadas.
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1882: Asked whether he operates his railroads for the public benefit, William Vanderbilt answers: "The public be damned! What does the public care for railroads except to get as much out of them for as little consideration as possible!"
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1837: The Sandusky, the first locomotive equipped with a whistle makes it's first run from Patterson to New Brunswick, NJ.
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1980: Smithsonian reactivates 2-4-0 John Bull.
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1866: The four Reno brothers, hold up their first train, taking $13,000 from the safes on a moving Ohio & Mississippi train. This was the first robbery of a train in motion.
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1834: First American railroad tunnel opens on the Allegheny Portage Railroad, east of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
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1979: Amtrak's Chicago to Miami Floridian is discontinued.
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1877: Presidential order allows Southern Pacific to expand into Arizona and New Mexico.
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1848: The first steam engine to operate in Chicago, for the Galena & Chicago Union RR, the Pioneer, arrives in New York by boat.
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1962: Colorado & Southern 2-8-0 #641 makes last run of steam on a regular daily service standard gauge railroad, Leadville to Climax, Colorado.
Columbus Day

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1954: Last eight of Erie Railroad's onetime fleet of 1545 steam locomotives make their last journey to the railroad's Chicago scrap yard.
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1988: Southern Pacific Railroad sold to Rio Grande Industries.
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1980: The Staggers Rail Act substantially deregulates railroads in the United States.
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1899: Overland Limited begins service on the Southern Pacific.
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1859: Abolitionist John Brown attacks U.S. arsenal at Harper's Ferry and B & O's Wheeling to Baltimore Express.
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1902: The Trinity & Brazos Valley Railway is chartered (Now part of Burlington Northern's Dallas to Galveston line).
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1961: GM rolls out first GP-30 diesel-electric locomotive.
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1897: George Pullman dies.
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1940: First issue of Trains published.
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1960: The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy opens new 2500-foot Mississippi River Bridge at Quincy, Illinois.
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1934: The Union Pacific's six car streamlined M-10001 departs Los Angeles for a 56 hour, 55 minute transcontinental run to New York's Grand Central Terminal.
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1936: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Zephyr, makes Chicago to Denver run in 12 hours, 10 minutes - an average of 91.6 MPH.
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1866: The first Bucker snowplow is completed at the Central Pacific's Sacramento shops.
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1866: In Wabash, St. Louis and Pacific Railroad Company v. Illinois, the Supreme Court declares that a state cannot regulate even that portion of interstate commerce that takes place within its own borders, removing the States legislative powers over railroads. This led to passage of the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 by Congress.
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1985: First run for Burlington Northern's propane-fueled GP-9.
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1891: The St. Clair Tunnel, connecting the U.S. and Canada beneath the St. Clair River opens.
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1979: Amtrak's first double deck Superliner coaches debut on the Chicago to Seattle Empire Builder.
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1983: Amtrak begins tri-weekly Auto Train service from Lofton, VA to Sanford, FL.

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1970: The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, known as Amtrak, is created.