November 2015

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1871: The Chicago & Alton Railroad completes the first all-steel bridge over the Missouri River at Glasgow, Missouri.
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1969: Last run for Kansas City Southern's Southern Belle.
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1909: Oregon Trunk Railway (OT) incorporated.
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1909: Regular train service begins on the East Broad Top Railroad.
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1889: Rio Grande Southern Railroad incorporated.
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1855: 68 engineers from 13 states and 45 railroads meet in Baltimore to organize the National Protective Association of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of the United States, forming the country's first railroad union.
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1970: The second longest tunnel in the U.S., the 7 mile 1327 yard Flathead Tunnel opens on the Great Northern.
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1905: Union Pacific's Chicago to San Francisco Overland Limited gets electric lighting.
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1833: Twelve passengers on the Camden & Amboy Railroad are injured in the first passenger train accident in the U.S.
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1952: Supreme Court upholds decision barring segregation on interstate railroads.
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1934: The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy's Pioneer Zephyr makes its first run in scheduled passenger service between Lincoln, Nebraska, and Kansas City, Missouri.
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1965: Heaviest single piece of freight carried by rail, a 549.2 ton hydrocraker reactor hauled from Birmingham, Alabama to Toledo, Ohio.
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1906: New York Central's New York electrification begins.
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1988: Department of Transportation announces random drug testing for 90,000 railroad workers.
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1957: Longest and heaviest train (500 coal cars, 4 miles long, 42,000 tons) hauled by Norfolk and Western Railroad between Iaeger, West Virginia and Portsmouth, Ohio.
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1967: Canadian Pacific begins testing Canada's first remote-controlled mid-train diesel locomotives in regular freight service, using new Robot radio-command system.
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1837: The Sandusky, believed to be the first locomotive equipped with a whistle in the US, arrives on the Mad River & Lake Erie at Sandusky, Ohio.
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1883: Standard time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific) created, abolishing 100 different local times in use in the United States.
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1891: Granville T. Woods receives patent for a third rail to operate electrified railways. This black inventor from Columbus, Ohio dedicated his life to developing a variety of inventions relating to the railroad industry and held more than 60 patents.
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1850: First train operated on the Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific.
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1890: First train operated on the Rio Grande Southern Railroad.
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1882: Denver & Rio Grande reaches Grand Junction from Gunnison, CO.
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1898: Andrew Jackson Beard receives patent #594,059 for a railway car coupler. Born a slave, Beard worked in a number of occupations, including the railroad industry. This led to his improved railroad coupler, which was credited with preventing many serious injuries among railroad workers.
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1912: First run for Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway Limited.
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1884: The Oregon Short Line and the Oregon Railway & Navigation Company (both later forming Union Pacific's route to the northwest) join rails.

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1867: The first patent for a refrigerated car is granted to J. B. Sutherland of Detroit, Michigan.
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1910: New York's Penn Station opens as world's largest railway terminal.
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1877: The first two foot gauge railroad in the U.S., the Bedford & Billerica Railroad, opens.
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1870: The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe signs contracts to build the railroad from Atchison to Topeka, Kansas.
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1959: Passenger service ends on the Cotton Belt (St. Louis Southwestern Railroad)
All operations depend on favorable weather conditions.