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1877: The U.S. Supreme Court rules in Munn v. Illinois that states can regulate interstate transportation rates if it affects the public interest.
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1893: Safety Appliance Act passes. It requires common carriers engaged in interstate commerce to equip their cars with automatic couplers and continuous brakes and locomotives with driving wheel brakes.
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1871: Texas & Pacific Railroad is incorporated by act of Congress as the Texas Pacific Railroad Company.
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1871: Texas & Pacific Railroad is incorporated by act of Congress as the Texas Pacific Railroad Company.
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1884: Northern Illinois Railway incorporated. The 76-mile railroad is sold to Chicago & North Western 6 June 1888.
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1885: First state railroad legislation is passed by the Georgia legislature. The law made railroad companies liable for injuries caused by negligence to employees and others.
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1823: The New Jersey Railroad & Transportation Co. is chartered to build across the state.
Daylight savings begins.

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1855: The first train crosses the second railroad suspension bridge at Niagara Falls.
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1949: The Illinois Central Railroad places the first all-electric dining car, the Cafe St. Louis into service between Chicago and St. Louis, MO.
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1902: U.S. Attorney General Philander Knox files an antitrust suit against Northern Securities Company, a railroad holding company that controls the Great Northern, Northern Pacific, and Burlington Railroads.
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1908: Golden Spike ceremony at Sheridan's Point, WA (SP&S Ry).
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1912: Congress agrees to fund construction and operation of a railroad from Seward to Fairbanks.
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1967: Last run of the Twentieth Century Limited.
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1894: The Dalton Gang robs the Woodward, Oklahoma train station, but leaves an entire safe filled with money.
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1946: Wartime restrictions on sleeping car service under 450 miles ends.
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1836: Andrew S Hallidie, inventor of the cable car, is born.
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1881: First train to cover a mile in less than a minute.
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1834: First railroad tunnel (Stapel Bend Tunnel) in US completed, in Pennsylvania.
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1918: Congress passes the Standard Time Act.
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1949: California Zephyr begins service over the Burlington, Rio Grande and Western Pacific railroads.
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1918: The Railroad Control Act is adopted which provides the determination of how railroads under government control are compensated.
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1970: California Zephyr service ends on the Western Pacific leaving the railroad freight-only.
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1874: Iowa becomes the third state to enact Granger Laws which regulate railroad freight rates.
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1932: New York radio station WABC makes first broadcast from a moving train, a variety show on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Maryland.
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1961: The Tallulah Falls Railway, which was used as a setting in the 1950 film, I'd Climb the Highest Mountain, and in 1960 by Disney for The Great Locomotive Chase ceases operation.
Home School Day at the Fort Worth Zoo

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1884: High winds push eight coal cars for 100 miles on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad east of Denver.
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1960: Grand Trunk Western runs last official regular steam powered passenger train.
18th Annual Fort Worth Zoo Run

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1975: American Freedom Train departs Washington DC with ex-Reading 4-8-4 #2101 and begins 2 year, 17,000 mile tour.
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1839: Railway Express Agency established.
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1883: Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway reaches Salt Lake City.
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1862: The Oregon Pony becomes the first locomotive in the Pacific Northwest.
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