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1851: First refrigerated car in the U.S. carries eight tons of butter from Ogdensburg, NY to Boston on the Northern New York Railroad in a wooden boxcar insulated with sawdust.
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1901: Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid rob train of $40,000 at Wagner, Montana.
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1894: President Grover Cleveland sends an army regiment to Chicago to enforce a court injunction against railroad strikers.
Independence Day

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1828: Construction of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad begins.
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1989: Santa Fe paints Super Fleet FP45's red and silver.
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1881: 15 year old Kate Shelby crawls across a flood damaged bridge 50 feet above the Des Moines River to reach a telegraph office in Moingona, Iowa a mile and a half away in time to warn an approaching Northwestern train.
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1862: First Railway Post Office established on the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad.
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1932: America's largest 2 foot gauge railroad, the Sandy River & Rangely Lakes Railroad in Maine, ceases operation.
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1905: Special train chartered by Walter Scott (Death Valley Scotty), departs Los Angeles and makes record run to Chicago in 44 hours, 54 minutes.
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1894: Eugene Debs is indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for failing to comply with the government's injunction against the American Railway Union strike.
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1923: The Pennsylvania Railroad tests the first continuous locomotive cab signals.
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1902: The New York Central's 20th Century Limited covers a 481 mile stretch of it's New York to Chicago run averaging over a mile a minute, making a 16 hour schedule possible.
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1836: Patent # 1 issued to Senator John Ruggles of Maine for a locomotive designed to give multiplied tractive power to the locomotive and to prevent the evil of the sliding of the wheels. This was the first numbered patent issued under the Patent Act of 1836. Previously issued patents were not numbered.
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1877: The great strike of 1877 begins with a walkout by railroad workers of the Baltimore & Ohio RR. The strike speeds across the nation. Railroad unions protest a 10% pay cut and demand better working conditions.
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1923: Golden spike for the Alaska Railroad driven by President Harding at Nenana, Alaska.
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1983: Amtrak's Chicago to Oakland renamed California Zephyr and changes its route from the Union Pacific across Wyoming to the Denver & Rio Grande Western through the Colorado Rockies.
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1879: First railroad opens in Hawaii.
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1846: First international trains between the U.S. and Canada run from Portland, Maine to Montreal on the Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad.
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1860: First railroad reaches Kansas.
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1894: Federal troops are withdrawn from Chicago as the power of the Pullman Strikers is broken.
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1873: Jesse James and his gang hold up their first train, a Rock Island express at Adair, Iowa and escape with $3,000. The train's engineer is killed when the train is derailed prior to the robbery.
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1909: Construction begins on the Oregon Trunk.
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1945: Vista-dome cars introduced to service on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad between Chicago and Minneapolis on the Twin Cities Zephyr.
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1870: The first railroad car to travel from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts, arrives in New York.
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1922: President Warren G. Harding orders federal rail and coal controls to ensure distribution of food and fuel.
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1877: Railroad strike expands from coast to coast, becoming the first nationwide strike against the railroads.
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1844: Long Island Railroad opens first section of track to Greenport.
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1871: Tracklaying for the Denver & Rio Grande Railway begins in Denver.
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1902: The largest locomotive in the world is wrecked at Denver, Colorado.
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1809: First practical US railroad, horse-drawn cars on wooden track, Philadelphia.
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