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1903: First Western film, The Great Train Robbery, is released.
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1980: Pullman Company is dissolved.
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1967: The last Twentieth Century Limited arrives at Chicago's LaSalle Street Station.
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1967: The Grangers, a secret order of farmers, is founded in Washington DC. It seeks to control railroad rates and middlemen.
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1883: The Rock Island, Milwaukee Road, and Union Pacific Railroads make an agreement for interchange of traffic at Omaha.
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1915: Connaught Tunnel on the Canadian Pacific Railway. For 70 years, the five-mile tunnel was Canada's longest.
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1891: Passenger service begins on the first international tunnel, under the St. Clair River between Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario.
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1874: Jesse James gang takes train at Muncie, Kansas.
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1852: The Pacific makes the first demonstration run west of the Mississippi River, from St. Louis to Cheltenham, a distance of five miles.
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1852: The Pennsylvania RR's tracks reach the Ohio River at Pittsburgh via the famous Horseshoe Curve.
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1905: Ground broken for Willamette Valley Traction Co.
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1989: First revenue train runs through the CP RR's 9.1 mile Mount MacDonald Tunnel. This is the longest rail tunnel in the Americas.
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1913: L. C. Gilman becomes President of the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway Company (SP&S Ry.)
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1934: The first streamlined steam locomotive, the Commodore Vanderbilt, is placed in service on the New York Central.
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1880: Southern Pacific begins train service to Deming, New Mexico.
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1935: The world's longest railroad bridge, the Huey P. Long Bridge in New Orleans, Louisiana, opens. The 23,235-foot bridge crosses the Mississippi River.
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1952: After three days of digging, passengers of the west bound City of San Francisco were rescued from Yuba Gap where they had been snowbound by the worst storm to hit the Sierras in many years. Recovery of the engines and passenger cars required three more days.
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1949: Last regular passenger service on the Central Railroad of New Jersey.
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1882: Denver & Rio Grande reaches Utah border. Because the D&RG had no charter to operate in Utah, William Palmer incorporated the mileage in that state separately as the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway.
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1883: Michigan Central Railway international cantilever railway bridge opens at Niagara Falls.
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1829: Baltimore & Ohio begins passenger operations from Baltimore to Ellicott's Mills.
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1829: Baltimore & Ohio begins passenger operations from Baltimore to Ellicott's Mills.
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1851: Illinois Central Railroad begins construction.
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1852: The Baltimore & Ohio's tracks reach the Ohio River at Wheeling, West Virginia.
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1830: The Best Friend of Charleston, owned by the South Carolina Railroad, becomes the first American locomotive in regular service in the United States.
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1917: President Woodrow Wilson takes possession and control of the nations railroads by proclamation. This resulted in the formation of the United States Railroad Administration, which operated the country's railroads until March 3, 1920.
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1943: Fearing a threat to national security, President Franklin Roosevelt orders the government to seize the nation's railroads in order to avert a strike.
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1972: Amtrak announces purchase of French built Turboliners.
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1982: Louisville and Nashville merged into Seaboard Coast Line, which changes its name to Seaboard System.
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1907: United Railways begins passenger service.
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1968: Last U.S. Pullman service.
All operations depend on favorable weather conditions.